• Amana ASXC16 High SEER Air Conditioner

    Get the ultimate cooling and eco-friendly environment, with Life Time Unit Replacement Limited Warranty*, 10 Year Limited Warranty* on all remaining functional parts

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    Amana ASXC16 High SEER Air Conditioner comes with Life Time Unit Replacement Limited Warranty*, 10 Year Limited Warranty* on all remaining functional parts

    Available at $4,200 only

Energy saving feature of Amana

The Amana ASXC16 Air Conditioner model is specially designed to use the minimum possible energy for keeping your home cool in hot summers. This model of central air conditioner offers up to 16 SEER energy saving performance. “SEER” stands for seasonal energy Efficiency Ratio which is developed by U.S. Department of Energy. It is used to measure the efficiency of air conditioning appliances. The energy efficiency is inversely prepositional for example if efficiency of your air conditioning appliance is increases the energy bills will decrease. With the installation of 16 SEER cooling appliance in your home your energy bills will significantly lower as compared to low SEER central air conditioner model.

It has been our observation in many cases that if you want to lower your heating and cooling bill we recommend you to use Amana gas furnace, air handler or modular that use variable speed blower motor which can adjust the speed according to the heating and cooling requirement of your home in combination with Amana brand air conditioners. Feel free to talk to our authorized dealers for more energy saving and Eco-friendly heating and cooling solutions.

Soundless Cooling Comfort

If you choose Amana air conditioner than you are assured that this air conditioner will provide you quiet cooling comfort. In order to reduce the sounds, Amana acoustically engineered its air conditioner system with advancement that include a protection cover on the compressor to reduce the sound of the unit. This cover is made from high density foam and specially sculptured sound control top. Furthermore the two speed condenser fan motor help to lower the sound overall by keeping the outdoor fan more often at a lower speed.

Promised Quality Engineering

Amana Air Conditioners are designed and manufactured under the Amana quality assurance policy. This is our continuous effort to provide you the high efficiency air conditioners with the use of latest technology and features. This commitment to constant improvement ensures that our appliances continue to surpass industry standards. Our air conditioners are built and sculptured with guaranteed durability and high SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ration) with reliable hassle free cooling comfort.

When we design our air conditioner we consider easy maintenance so the HVAC technicians can easily tune-up our unit and provide you reliable cooling comfort years after years. The best feature in our unit is ComfortAlertTM which allows the HVAC contractor to monitor and diagnose the unit easily. This function is available in all our premium Amana brand units. This modulator retrieves the technical date from the unit like system problems and transfers the information to the contractor with the help of LED indicator having series of flash codes. This enables to service your Amana unit more appropriately than ever.

Highly Durable and Trendy

Apart from reliable, safe and quiet operation your Amana unit is painted in an artistic and trendy color combination of light and dark grey that camouflages the landscape or architectural look. The Amana ASXC16 high SEER air conditioner is a perfect choice for a home in any neighborhood. To ensure the durability and stability so the unit will be in its perfect trendy look. We protected the exterior with a baked on powder paint finish which is resistant to rust and corrosion. The wire grill is protected with PVC coating to safe the fan and motor. Louvered guard is made of galvanized steel to protect the cooling coil from weather and other sources of damaging elements. To protect your system from dust and debris, Amana unit is installed with high grade filter. With the use of art design having vertical condenser air discharge which helps to protect you’re landscaping and precious flooring.

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